Our Financial Engraining helpto define an investment strategy tailored to their goals and assist them in making informed investment choices. We deliver proprietary and third-party solutions across every market and asset class, including alternative investments. Services include.

  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Management and Strategy Analytics
  • Portfolio Management
  • Research and Due Diligence
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Corporate & Industry Finance
  • Private Capital Advisory
  • Business Economics & Strategy Analytics
  • Corporate Broking


    CAPITAL ANALYTICS Inc seeks to deliver to its clients not only wisdom in the arena of investment management, but also address holistically their business needs by leveraging strengths in other businesses, to provide solutions in the areas of Capital Markets, Private Equity, and M&A.The Wealth Management platform provides client several advantages.

    Wealth Management aims to be a trusted advisor and money manager for its clients’ personal and business needs on a platform of transparency, product innovation and performance.

    Over the course of your lifetime, wealth will play different roles for you. We understand your financial goals and assist you in growing, managing and protecting your wealth with our comprehensive suite of wealth management services.


    Banks and financial firms are part of one of the most scrutinized industries in the world. A fluctuating global economy, technology advances and rising customer expectations have spawned new risks and regulations—and along with them, new opportunities. Navigating these complexities can be tough, but your compliance and brand reputation are on the line.

    You need a robust data solution and a trusted partner like Clarity. We’ve worked with many of the world’s largest banks and financial firms, and we know the specific issues you face every day. Our data analytics expertise, combined with tools such as predictive modeling and machine learning, will help your teams spot and prevent fraudulent activity, ease compliance and reporting, engage with and grow your customer base, and optimize your marketing efforts.


    Building big data solutions that move at the speed of business and enable actionable insights, Clarity is several orders of magnitude better technically than most of their competitors. People don't realize what that means. It's a big deal!" .

    All organizations gather data. But there’s a difference between successful and underperforming companies.Great companies understand their data within the context of their business, and they use it to deepen insights and drive smarter decision-making. Great companies turn to Clarity.

    Our expertise in advanced data science is combined with a proven ability to turn insights into action. We leverage innovative techniques such as AI modeling, machine learning, robust scenario planning, and predictive modeling to understand your needs, identify risks and opportunities, and recommend actions and potential outcomes. The result is reduced costs, minimized risks, optimized processes, or major competitive advantages for your company.


    Businesses run better with Data Science Solution

    Reach your data science potential.

    We assisted a meals delivery business incorporate data science into its marketing, discounting, and operational strategies. Analyzing the millions of rows of customer data they generate every year, our team of data scientists modeled their customer retention patterns across states, cities and zip codes.

    The model predicted cohort-wise retention with ~ 85% accuracy and identified cohorts with the highest risk of churn. We also developed a statistical model to predict customer lifetime values over different cohorts.

    Real Time Dashboards

    Track your key revenue and cost metrics across channels, populations, geographies and time through our tailored low-latency dashboards.


    CAPITAL ANALYTICS is a global blockchain operates community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions.


    Financial markets & institutions rely very heavily upon technology for every part of their business. Current pain-points in financial technologies.

    BankChain is a community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions.

    1. High maintenance and support costs
    2. Out-dated IT systems
    3. Need for manual reconciliation
    4. Systems that don’t “talk” to each other


    We offer blockchain powered solutions for several industry sectors including:

    1. Banking
    2. Capital Markets
    3. Government
    4. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
    5. Insurance
    6. Manufacturing
    7. Aviation
    8. .Shipping & Logistics
    9. Telecommunications

    Business Storytelling with Data Visualization

    Making sense of big data can be overwhelming. Data visualization turns that complexity into clarity. Using interactive visualizations to tell a cohesive story enhances understanding and maximizes the use and impact of insights uncovered in your data. Teams can spot trends and outliers quickly; a key part of building an insights driven organization. Building that kind of company takes more than information visualizations, however. That is why Clarity Insights works with your team to identify their business needs, create a roadmap for addressing those needs, and implement platforms, processes and visualization analytics that deliver actionable insights.

    Industrial Strength Insights Fuel Growth

    Go to market faster. Reduce costs and streamline operations. Boost your competitive advantage and profits. Whatever your company’s goals, the path to success is paved with insights. And extracting actionable information from your data is what Clarity Insights excels at.

    We draw on our deep experience in the industrial and manufacturing sectors and our expertise using data and analytics to address the most pressing problems that companies like yours face. Our analytics tools reveal the actions with the highest benefit-to-effort ratio and help you quantify the impact of those changes. Whatever the question—improving safety, efficiency and quality; predicting demand, equipment failures and downtime; or generating more for less money or materials—the answers are in the insights.


    Global Market Analysis provides clients with depth, value, and perspective.”

    Our research team conducts thought-provoking research and analyses which our market research division is focused on providing high-quality data collection and data processing services to some of the largest industry analyst firms across the world.

    At CAPITAL ANALYTICS Inc, we use diverse methodologies, such as Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) and Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) to ensure seamless processes:

    • Business to Business Telephone and Online Surveys
    • Business to Consumer Online Surveys
    • Quantitative Surveys and Qualitative Surveys
    • Online Market surveys


    Across the range of services provided — including development, occupational and investment advice — our team ensures that customized solutions are aligned to the key business objectives of our clients.

    Business strategies that enable global companies to define new business and target operating models to maximize value and manage complex changes throughout their organizations As businesses need to access current, accurate and actionable inputs for strategic decision-making in a dynamic environment.


    With best in class project management processes, we manage projects from concept to completion; partnering with stakeholders to deliver tailored solutions that add value to clients.

    The services offered under one roof result in better co-ordination and thereby achieving greatest economy for the client.

    The starting point of our projects is always the elaboration of the client’s needs. Through the extensive utilization of modular planning elements, we are able to achieve short planning periods with the highest execution reliability possible.


  • Project definition
  • Master Planning
  • Project administration
  • Design management & coordination
  • Planning management/ Forecasting management
  • Program Management / PMO
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Monitoring
  • Project Audits
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management
  • Design Management
  • Cost Consultancy
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Construction Management
  • OHSE Management
  • Quality Management & Control
  • Relocation Management


    Turning Value-Based Health Care into a Real Business Model

    CAPITAL ANALYTICS Inc. offers cost effective, technology-enabled solutions to streamline knowledge-intensive business processes for its clients. A combination of domain, technology, and process expertise allows Business Solutions to offer end-to-end processing services that reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure compliance and augment the quality of employee services.

    The shift from volume-based to value-based health care is inevitable. Although that trend is happening slowly in some communities, payers are increasingly basing reimbursements on the quality of care provided, not just the number and type of procedures. But because most providers’ business models still depend on fee-for-service revenues, reducing volume (and increasing value) cuts into short-term profits.

    We focus on three key drivers of transformative change: engaging the consumer

    • We help communities balance quality health services with sustainable costs.
    • We create solutions that work together, for the good of the health care system.
    • We are connected with and support important decisions across healthcare.


    Reduce costs and improve fraud detection, loss prevention and customer care with machine learning and visualization. Use a proven framework to mitigate financial fraud and prevent money laundering and other risks while improving the results from your existing fraud/risk monitoring systems.


    All business operations face varying degrees of transactional or periodic risks. It is necessary to understand the nature of the risks and accordingly put risk mitigation strategies in place.

    Risk analytics has traditionally been the mainstay of financial services organizations – banks, insurers, brokerages, credit cards, etc. However, if risk is identified and quantified, organizations in all industries can adopt appropriate risk mitigation measures.

    Identifying and quantifying risk will benefit any organization – transaction fraud for a credit card company, default risk for a mortgage firm, project delay risk for a construction company, patient readmission risk for a hospital, premia for insurers etc.

    Taking a unified approach by tying risks associated across an organization can give its leaders a holistic view that will help in two ways – bring in a slew of tactical risk mitigation measures, and strategic decision making at various levels that bakes in relevant risk.


    Improving time to insight and lowering the total cost of your data infrastructure

    Our cloud expert’s help you implement a cloud infrastructure that's not only automated, it's optimized for data and analytics.

    Get back to business. Rather than spending costly time focusing on support, automate your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on creating value.

    With Clarity's cloud expertise; you can uncover actionable insights quickly, reducing time to value from months to days. And as you're uncovering insights, rest easy knowing your data is secure. Our multilayered approach to data security means you don't have to worry about customer data. When done correctly, the cloud is just as secure as onsite data storage, and doing it right is our business.


    The financial technology industry, one of the most prominent sectors that have seen disruptions through digital technologies is finance. Today, Fin-TECH is a diverse ecosystem across the world.

    India is currently one of the most active FinTech markets in the world. It has drawn the maximum investments in the sector, along with China. Two important missions led by the Government of India, one of Financial Inclusion and the other of a Digital India, are driving innovation. Though it maybe a challenge to turn India into a completely cashless economy, given it’s sheer size of population and scattered geography, digital payments has grown quickly – thanks to the rapid growth in smartphone and e-commerce penetration. A country where cash had usually been the go to mode of transactions, a digital world of financial services have found a place to thrive.

    Earlier this year we had shared our list of Top 11 FinTech Startups in India. We decided to include more companies to this list to introduce them to fintech stakeholders in Asia and elsewhere. Fintech Asia has also spoken to several Indian companies in detail – to understand more about the business, vision of the team, and their perspective of the ecosystem they operate in – as part of the Fintech India series.


    Analytics is now regarded extremely important and central to the digital strategy ofcorporates. To make better business decisions, challenge your assumptions.

    In every analytics engagement, we work closely with our client to develop a comprehensive, situation-specific understanding of trends and opportunities. Our solution drive tangles ROIs for marketing and helps our clients grow their revenues. The combination of industry, functional and analytics expertise enables our teams to identify the opportunities and deliver solutions to address market growth.


    • Financial Intelligence Analytics
    • Digital & Social Media Analytics
    • Sales & Marketing Analytics
    • Logistics Supply Chain Analytics
    • Customer Analytics
    • Industry Specific Solutions Retail And FMCG
    • Telecom, Energy & Power Industry Analytics Solutions
    • Healthcare & Provider Business Analytics
    • Business Intelligence Dashboard Related Services

    We use our technical expertise to develop unique solutions for solving peculiar problems.

    Some of the tools and methodologies used our company Capital Analytics are:

  • Visual basis Analytics
  • Non-Linear Techniques
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Apriori Algorithms
  • Latent Class Models
  • ARIMA Techniques
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Classification Trees
  • Recursive Partitioning
  • Time Series Techniques