We have engineering competencies in the areas of Big data andAnalytics, cloud computing, softwareengineering, high performance computing, IT architecture and Artificial Intelligence.


Blockchain technology is ideal for banks and financial service providers becauseit offers real-time automated settlement in addition to vastly improved securitytransparency & audit-ability with reduced infrastructure cost.

Blockchain technology can reduce time, cost and risk across the entire Banking, Financial and insurance value chain.

Blockchain technology's ability to ensure tamper-resistance and realtime data sharing can save the shipping and container logistics industry billions of dollars. It can also reduce the time consumed by archaic processes which require countless emails, phone calls and faxes.

KYC, a permissioned, shared, blockchain-powered solution for integrated and shared KYC, AML and CFT (Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism).


We have significant experience in establishing and scaling lean organizations with proper reportingsystems, cost optimization, process optimizationand automation of multiple operations.


The only source of knowledge and experience.

Our investment is much more than pure financials: at the day 0 your team might be strengthened by our sales and marketing team, IT and Big Data specialists, product managers, designers and operations specialist to ensure fast execution and proper market timing.

Our Leadership portfolio

CAPITAL ANALYTICS is comprised of highly experienced technology investors and global business leaders who all have shown innovative approaches to various stages of a company.

From pioneering the original leader in web site analytics and driving cutting edge med-tech solutions, to emerging market publishing platforms, the General Partners have been on the forefront of technical advancements for over 20 years .

In combination with world-class corporate partners, our team incubates next generation companies. We integrate a proven execution framework that drives for rapid market validation while simultaneously building for dominating scale.

Customized Banking and Financial Services

Banking arrangements have always been designed to reflect the needs of the contemporary investor. Today, strength, security and trust – the historical cornerstones of banking – are merely step one. Operating in a world made smaller and more demanding by regulators and contemporaries alike, the modern investor needs more and expects more: a flexible approach, a comprehensive offering and customized options backed by a global network.

Capital Analyticshave type with world Largest banking & financial institution across the European and Asia network, ours is a global reach few can match for breadth of depth.

Leveraging the wider group’s network and experience, Capital Analytics offers customized banking services designed specifically with today’s investors’ needs in mind. Partner with us and benefit from, among other services: focused support, a single web portal, and efficient transaction execution, all from an extensive global platform .

Focused Support

  • Streamlined new account on-boarding process allowing for quick turnaround realtime solution.
  • Dedicated client service officer available for our clients.
  • Quick and efficient execution of transactions.

We help our clients to excel in their industries by using data to address their most pressing business challenges.

Business Problems

Everyone knows about the importance of leveraging data for competitive advantage. But what kinds of business problems can data really solve? Here are the kinds of challenges we’ve helped our clients address with data:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase digital product engagement
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Maximize productivity of your data organization
  • Minimize system failures
  • Decrease fraud
  • Ensure proper management of data rights

  • Add revenue-generating features
  • Develop revenue-generating data products
  • Increase revenue through up-selling or cross-selling
  • Anticipate seasonal and holiday effects on business
  • Increase ROI on data investments
  • Increase ROI on marketing campaigns


    Here are some of the ways we help our clients use data to address their business proble


    Increase revenue and reduce churn by enabling truly data-driven product development supported by experimentation and usage patterns.

    Customer Knowledge : Increase sales, engagement, and operational performance by knowing your customer, so you can tailor your products to meet their needs, and optimize their experience.


    Locate, define, and launch the most valuable data science projects for your business.

    Predictive Analytics

    Guide business-critical decisions by analyzing historical patterns in your data to gauge potential risk and opportunity.


    Decode meaning from your conversations to raise brand perception and improve customer satisfaction.


    Increase the accuracy and timeliness of your forecasts for cost and profit with statistically validated models.Optimization : Match resources to demand by identifying efficiencies and removing bottlenecks in your operations.


    Decrease development time and improve service-level agreements (SLAs) for your data systems by quickly validating your design decisions with empirical evidence.

    Modern Data Platforms : Maximize your investment in modern data platforms by building them the right way.

    Data Governance

    Bring accountability to how your organization uses modern technologies, tracking data assets and quality across the information lifecycle.


    Meet your growing analytics needs by selecting the services, providers, tools, platforms, and patterns to migrate infrastructure to a cloud service provider.

    Data Maturity Assessment

    Concrete recommendations for your organization to move from data-apathetic to data-driven focused on outcomes over operations.

    Data Gaps Assessment

    Know how your data sets and sources support or hinder your business aspirations throughout your enterprise.

    Strategic Workload Assessment

    Align your technical roadmap and business priorities with a set of common technical patterns mapping to your operational and analytical objectives.